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Animist Minister . Spiritual Counsellor . Spirit Bridge . Artist



I welcome you here!

More coming soon.

You matter.

What does Enchaunti Waroway mean?

Enchaunti is a combination of 3 words:

Enchanted  To bestow magic onto or to delight.
I have grown up believing in magic and it has become a big part of how I have found joy in my life.
The magic in our world right now looks different than the magic in a fantasy stories but it's still here! Magic an spirit exists all around us and it can bring miracles into our lives when we connect with it,   

We have the ability to make amazing transformation happen and we are starting to wake up to knowing that magic is not fake or evil. Magic is about creating the world we want and using our energy to make it happen.

If we believe in it, it will show itself to us and we can connect with it to create an exuberant life!

Shanti Sanskrit word meaning inner peace, tranquility, bliss.
When we have a connection and trust in ourselves as well as in source/the universe/god/the force, we develop this shanti energy. This is another part of yourself that I want you to discover as a constant companion. You can be at peace while the world hustles and bustles around you and you can get control over your life rather than being tossed around by the energy of other people. May Shanti energy find you well. 

Chauntell Name given to me by my mother.
My mom is a magical woman and has been an amazing teacher and support to me. People often spell my name wrong because she spelled it uniquely! It has never bothered me because it reminds me of my uniqueness and the importance to walk my own path in life. The origin of this name also means singer in french. When we sing we are in the flow and connected with the universe. Everything is made up of vibrational frequencies which means we are all one energy field. When we recognize and connect to our oneness with all, we feel fully alive. 

Waroway is my grandparent's last name (my mom's parents) and they were my caregivers while my mom worked when I was a child. My grandfather played an integral role in my upbringing. I learned from his wisdom and the fables from around the world that he would read me as bed time stories. In so many ways, I wouldn't be me without him. This name also honours my Ukrainian roots. 

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