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Detailed Card Reading

Oracle or Tarot cards readings to gain clairty about where you're at and where you're heading. Tap into the intuitive realm to recieve messages from the universe and your guides. 


In an oracle card reading both of our intuitive abilities light up to give you some perspective around what you are experiencing in life.

The cards may also reveal some guidance to re-direct you or motivate you to keep on your path. I will interpret the cards along with you and offer supportive coaching around what the cards reveal.

The guidance of Oracle cards is more straightforward, empowering, and gentle than Tarot cards. Unlike Tarot decks, Oracle cards don’t contain “scary” cards, especially because most of them are Angel themed. Oracle cards are usually easier to understand than Tarot cards and they allow you the freedom to tap into your intuition and call upon your spirit guides, such as your Angels.

Detailed Card Reading

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