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Spirit Bridge Journey

Spirit Bridge Journeys are my new favourite thing!  I tap into the spirit realm on your behalf and bring back information that is personally gifted for you. You can ask a question and/or be open to whatever arises. The whole experience is magical and psychedelic. 

What is included:
- me journeying for you to discover what the spirit realm has to offer you
- a write up and/or audio explaining about your journey 
- one on one guidance, support and journey interpretation 

Themes that tend to arise: 

- spirit animals

- life path

- ancestry 

- guidance for your current cirmstances 

Through these journeys I have received deeply meaningful messages for myself and others. The whole process feels very special to me and I'm thankful for being introduced to this part of life. They are done by entering a meditative state which is supported by rhythmic drumming or rattling. This helps brainwaves go from beta to theta waves.

Beta waves:- observed while we are awake- involved in conscious thought, logical thinking

Theta Waves:- involved in daydreaming and sleep- connected to us experiencing and feeling deep and raw emotions.- deeply relaxed, semi-hypnotic state- intuition, creativity, and makes us feel more natural


This will all be done at a distance and I'll send you the information through e-mail.

Spirit Bridge Journey

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