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Creating Space For Peace

Working as a social worker can often lead to taking on the stress and worries of the people that we work with. I also work with children to teach them about anti-violence and the importance of self-talk. Teaching them is also a great reminder to myself to work on my own strategies for staying peaceful. Also when working with children I want to teach them through example. If I am on edge and irritable and acting in ways that show I feel that way, the children I work with will learn from that. It is important for me to create spaces for peace in my life so that when stress in the work place rises, I feel grounded enough to manage the situation with ease and set a great example for the children that are observing me.

The energy that we put out impacts the people around us. By creating space for peace in our lives we are building our resiliency to negative energy in others so we can put our more positive energy in the world!

Here are some preventative strategies that I have been using lately to keep myself feeling fresh and peaceful!

  • Walk instead of drive

By not driving, I get the great opportunity to walk a half hour to work and back every day. The route I usually take goes through streets I enjoy and a park. This way I avoid the busy downtown traffic and I get the chance to transition into and out of my workday. Getting out in nature in general is super recharging for me. Depending on the day I either walk with my thoughts or put on some music to lift me up or slow me down. If you do not have the option to walk to work or school, try going for a walk on your break or when you get home.

  • Keeping active

Working out and dancing on my own to music that lifts me up is a great stress reliever and helps me work towards my health goals. I always notice a positive emotional shift when I keep myself active throughout the week. Choose an active activity that you really enjoy so you will feel great about including it in your life.

  • Creating zen environments

I love creating spaces that calm all my senses. My work spaces always have calming scents, good lighting and are filled with plants and art that I have created. I also make sure that everything has a place and keep things organized so I do not feel stressed by junk in my space.

  • Inviting great friends and media

The friends I choose to keep in my life are people that believe in me and inspire me. Sometimes a good book. a movie or even a TV show can act as a friend. I make sure to only invite media into my life that inspires me, gets me thinking or helps me de-stress. Think about the friends and media that you are inviting into your life. Do they lift you up or bring you down? If a TV show is creating anxiety and fear in your daily life, you might want to consider taking a break from it.

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