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             Quest to CONFIDENCE

an online program where
therapy meets fantasy & spirituality

Click the link above to get the
self-guided 6 month program for
just $333!

Price goes up this summer of 2019 to $777

(this does not include any 1:1 support)


Magical Life

Answer yes or no to these (bonus points if you say it out loud!)


I feel like something is missing and I want life to feel more magical

I'm so hard on myself and I feel like I'm not getting ahead

I've been looking for a boost and motivation to accomplish my goals

I want to feel and be more attractive when it comes to relationships and work

I want to feel more confident when I talk to others and tell people about myself

I'm ready to offer more to the world but I don't know what my 'thing' is

I'm ready for a big shift in my life and I'm ready to step into my true power

If you answered yes to any of these,

then this Quest is designed for you!

Don't waste another year walking in circles.

Get on the path of your epic adventure!

whoa, what a whirlwind! 2018 was crazy.

Let's make 2019 epic together!

This 6 month program is developed to help enhance your self-esteem and self-worth

so you can discover your life path purpose.
use a fusion of therapeutic tools, the hero's journey and real life magic
to help you gain clarity so you can offer your gifts back to the world . 

Purpose of this Quest

  • Develop self-love and expand it outwards

  • Discover your hero story, your archetype, super powers & magical gifts

  • Eliminate narrative blocks

  • Release deep rooted shame, blame, jealousy and anger

  • Re-connect with your inner child and bring them out to play in a new world of imagination

  • Gain clarity on the next steps of your journey

  • Create a powerful manifestation rituals to help you attract what you desire in the personal and professional realms (friends, love, work and beyond! )

  • Open a portal to a whole new world

  • Connect more deeply to the spirit realm

  • Confidently see yourself as an adventurer on this epic journey through life

  • Understand your life purpose and discover your unique gifts that you want to offer the world

What's Included

  • weekly content
    6 personalized 1 on 1 guidance
    sessions from Chauntell

  • ongoing support through text, voice and e-mail 

  • group connection : gain allies and support from other adventurers

  • tons of resources to support you on your quest
    (videos, pdfs, guided meditations, worksheets, challenges)  

  • 2 animist/shamanic journeys done for you by Chauntell to gain guidance from the spirit realm (animal spirits, angels, ancestors, spirit guides) 

  • 6 guided animist/shamanic drum journeys here you will seek out your own guidance from the spirit ream 

  • 3 in depth card readings at the beginning middle and end of our time together using tarot or oracle cards 

  • lots of other surprise treasures!

Quest Map

Your step by step guide for what to expect on this adventure

Based on the hero's journey. 



Call to Adventure

WEEKS 1 - 5

MISSION: get pumped up about yourself & your life

  • deep dive into understanding your personal adventure

  • awaken your inner hero

  • understand the impacts of trauma on your narrative

  • discover your super powers, magical abilities and archetypes

  • create your mission, values and motto


I'm so confident in this program that if you participate in the content fully and don't notice any changes in yourself or your life, I will refund you back 100% of your payment. But that won't happen because

you're going to love this!

Untitled design (25).png

Your Quest Guide

You'll be guided and supported by me, Chauntell!

I've spent over 10 years working in the realm of mental wellness to support people in making changes to build confidence and create a more magical life. I offer a combination trauma informed practical strategies as well as spiritual tools for a holistic approach to mental health. 

This program has been created from my heart over the past year.
It's a compilation of knowledge that I have gained from my life of experiences personally, professionally and spiritually. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 9.12.08 PM_edi

Space is limited! 

I only accept a select a certain number of people to work with
so that I can offer high quality services to all adventu

Price is based on your needs and is discussed
during our phone session after you apply



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